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Dogs are sentient beings and want to please you. That starts with you teaching them what is expected of them, and then being consistent. It doesn’t matter where you got your Akita from or how long they have been a part of your family.


We can help resolve many issues through our unlimited, no cost coaching and have a highly successful track-record of improving the relationship between the dog and the human(s) and keeping the dog in the home. If you need additional help, please give us the opportunity to refer you to Akita-experienced professionals that are proven, affordable, and share the same goals and values as we do.

Is an Akita the right dog breed for you? What do you really know about Akitas? Do you want to learn everything you can about Akitas before making the decision to bring an Akita home? If yes … GREAT! Contact us. We will give you as much time and information you may need, and help educate you about the breed, so you can make an educated and responsible decision.


Akita Rescues are full of dogs that are in rescue – 90% of the time – for reasons that have nothing to do with the dog’s behavior, but everything to do with the owner not having had any experience with the breed before getting an Akita.

Was your dog legally-leashed and involved in an incident (with another dog that was not on a leash) but YOUR dog is being blamed for the other dog’s injuries – or the other dog’s owner expects YOU to pay their vet bill?


Is your dog in a public animal shelter, and the information given to you is overwhelming or confusing? As an Advocate for you and your Akita, we encourage and support responsible dog ownership while fighting against breed-bias. In most cases, we can help you understand the process and your rights, and help guide you through the steps needed to protect those rights and the life of your dog.

Through Education, Intervention and Advocacy – almost every problem can be fixed. But when all else fails, please do not take your dog to a public shelter where there is a great chance he or she will be euthanized due to pet overpopulation - AND - do not attempt to rehome your dog yourself on Craigslist, Offer-Up! or similar sites because you put your DOG’s life in danger and expose yourself to liability.


Your dog deserves better. If you cannot keep your Akita and have no other option but to rehome or surrender him/her, please reach out to us first for help in finding a safe, suitable, loving, forever home.

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