As each Akita is unique, Akita Angels relies on foster families to provide in-home personal care to each and every dog within rescue. Akita Angels is careful to match the needs of an animal with the experience and/or availability of the foster. It is this kind of personalized care that allows us to really get to know a dog and its personality, and provide training or behavior modification if needed. And besides, what dog wouldn’t be happiest in a home while it’s waiting for its forever family?

 If you are interested in adopting, please review our Adoption Process link and submit an Application for Adoption. We respond to all inquiries usually within the same or next day. We will reply back with photos and information on dogs that are in rescue that might be a fit for you and your family and arrange for you to meet that or those particular dog(s).

Interested in Becoming a Foster?

 Not ready to adopt? If you’re wanting to make a difference in a dog’s life but are not ready to make a life-long commitment, consider becoming a Temporary Foster.

 Want to Heal an Animal? If you wish to help an injured or sick animal or one that will need perhaps a little more TLC while recovering from surgery, consider becoming a Medical Foster.

 Want to truly make a difference in an Akita’s life? Sadly, many dogs in their Golden Years are dumped by their owners and can still have good quality of life. If you are fond of senior dogs or ones needing End-of-Life (EOL) care, consider becoming an End of Life Foster.

Akita Angels provides foster families with everything that a dog in rescue needs: Food, Treats, Supplements, Bedding, Blankets, Collars/Leashes, Grooming, Toys, Medical Care, and Training.