There are many reasons a dog ends up in a shelter, and most often, it's not the dog's fault. Here's just some of the reasons people have provided for giving up their Akitas:

  • Moving (to new home/city/state where dogs are not allowed)
  • Got a new girlfriend/boyfriend who doesn't like dogs (or your dog)
  • New girlfriend/boyfriend's dog or cat doesn't get along with your dog
  • Getting married, getting a divorce, having a baby
  • "Suddenly developed allergies" to the dog
  • Owner has died/is going into assisted living or hospice care
  • Got another dog/cat/etc. and the Akita is not getting along with it
  • "It sheds too much"
  • Too busy/No time for the dog/Bored/Wants a new dog or puppy.
  • "Redecorating home and no longer have a Japanese-themed d├ęcor."

Why Adopt?

Current figures estimate that each day, more than 10,000 dogs are euthanized in the United States.

Conservatively, that's 3 Million, Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand (3,650,000) companion dogs each year.

Dogs in shelters or rescues are not broken, in fact, most people don't know that many Akitas in rescue have pedigrees or are the offspring of pedigreed dogs. Every key member of Akita Angels is a multiple-Akita household and our packs are comprised of rescued Akitas ,and sometimes, other breeds. We love and understand the breed, and even if you adopt from another rescue, public shelter or private party, we are here to help . Ready to adopt? Here's a few things to know:


1.  We promote responsible Akita-ownership, and Akitas are not right for everyone. Responsible ownership begins with learning about the breed, specific characteristics and traits, energy level, typical lifespan, etc. If you have cats or small dogs, a 100-150lb dog with a high prey drive is probably not a good fit. If you are allergic to dog hair or pet dander, a dog that sheds is probably not right for you.


2.  Most "dog" problems start on the "other end of the leash."

There is a wide gap between "dog language" and "people language" and most often the dog simply does not know what is expected of him. Inconsistency with the house rules is another problem. One day, a certain behavior is OK, the next day it's not and the dog is punished. Who wouldn't be confused? If you (or your Akita) needs training, reach out to us.


3.  We expect owners to make a lifetime commitment to the dog. It's YOUR responsibility to create a better relationship between you and your dog. You will be handsomely rewarded. Dogs are the one species that ask for so little but  give complete unconditional, and undying love and loyalty. Dogs that are not trained, socialized, and are kept outside 24/7 will make mistakes and will pay for their owner's inconsistent rules and laziness, with their life.

Please consider saving a life by adopting. Please visit the links above to find an Akita rescue in your area.