If the issue(s) you are experiencing are of a greater concern, or, you need to discuss rehoming your Akita, please download, complete, and return the following form:

Send to:  angels@akitaangels.org

We typically respond within 24 hours of receiving your email.

NEED HELP?       Please, DO NOT give up.  We are here to help.


  • If you take your dog to a public animal control agency or humane society, it is considered  an "owner surrender" and he/she may be euthanized immediately or within hours after you leave.
  • Rescues all across the United States are FULL which means they probably have no room for your dog.
  • Considering rehoming your dog?  Using local newspapers or internet to rehome your dog is oftentimes a death sentence to your dog even if you ask for a rehoming fee. Many dogs on Craigslist end up being used as bait dogs (dogs used to hone the skills of aggressive dogs within dog fighting rings) or are used for "live shooting/target practice" in the desert. Horrific, but true.

Whether you have had your dog since a puppy or adopted your dog recently, we will try to help.

Each family, each dog, and each situation is unique, and so our response must be unique.

If you need general information on diet, nutrition, care, etc., we encourage you to click on the

following third-party link where you will find lots of very helpful articles written by professionals: