Adoption Process

Adoptable dogs are always coming into rescue. If you view our Available Dogs and don't see one you are interested in,

please visit our page often or email us at: To begin the Adoption Process:

Step One:
1.  Click this link and DOWNLOAD and PRINT the Adoption Application.

2.  Complete, Scan, and Return the completed application via email to:

     or, by UPS mail to: Akita Angels, P.O. Box 221353, Santa Clarita, CA 91322

Step Two:
1.  Application Review Once the fully completed Adoption Application is received, a member of Akita Angels will review the application to determine if any dogs in rescue are a fit for you and your family. If you are interested in a particular dog and we determine that the dog is not a fit for you and your family, we will contact you to discuss whether another dog in rescue is a better fit for you/your family.

 2.  Phone Interview: This allows us one-on-one time to gain additional information about the potential adopter and determine suitability for a particular dog;

3.  Schedule Appointment to meet the prospective dog(s). If potential adopter has another dog, we require that dogs meet during the adoption appointment to determine compatibility.

4.  Home Check

5.  Completion of Adoption Contract and completion of Adoption Donation.

 Akita Angels reserves the right to the following:

1.   To request additional information or modify the Adoption Process at any time, for any reason, and without advance notice or explanation.  This may include viewing a copy of your Rental/Lease Agreement (if you rent), viewing a copy of your Homeowner’s Insurance Certificate (if you own your home), or contacting your landlord, insurance agent, or any personal or veterinary references provided.

 2.  To approve or deny an application, for any reason, at any time, and without explanation. Please note that an incomplete application or submission of false information will result in an automatic denial.

 3.  To adopt or refuse adoption of any dog to any person or family at any time, for any reason, and without explanation.