About Us

Akita Angels was founded after we spent 3 years volunteering for an Akita Rescue. During that time, we went from a one-Akita household to a multiple-Akita household, and worked with hundreds of pre-adopters, post-adopters, and various families that wanted to give up on their Akitas and surrender them to rescue or to a public shelter. We quickly saw that when we had the opportunity to intervene, we significantly reduced the number of Akitas that were surrendered to rescue or dumped in a public shelter. By providing breed-experienced, no-cost support to anyone who needed our help, we helped families develop a better understanding of the breed and its unique temperament and traits; helped forge a stronger level of commitment from the owners; and created better relationships between the dog and the family. Quite simply, for every dog that we helped keep in the home, it was one less dog that ended up in a public animal shelter, ended up in rescue, or, was unnecessarily euthanized.

The Mission of Akita Angels is to:

  • Provide unlimited, 100% No-Cost Support to Families with Akitas in the areas of:
  • Education about the breed and promotion of responsible Akita ownership;
  • Behavior modification/training;
  • Integration with human family members and other family pets;
  • Financial assistance with medical treatment and veterinary care;
  • Advice in the areas of Diet/Nutrition;
  • Referrals to Breed-Experienced Resources;
  • Support other non-profit Akita rescue and animal advocacy organizations in their efforts to save Akitas in public shelters;
  • Transport from local shelters to a temporary safe-haven or rescue;
  • Provide temporary fostering of Akitas in need;
    Long-distance transport of rescue-to-rescue Akitas to communities in which rescued Akitas are in high demand/not available.

  • Promote adoption and fostering and effective networking of adoptable Akitas;
  • Remove un-spayed and un-neutered Akita puppies from Craigslist; spay/neuter/vaccinate/microchip the dog, and re-home;
  • Promote Spay and Neuter of all companion animals;
  • Support animal control/law enforcement with the investigation & prosecution of people committing abuse of animals;
  • Organize Food and Supply drives for Akitas in need, Akita Rescues, or, Sanctuary dogs;
Laura Walters
Jen Adams

Akita Angels, Inc. is an IRS-approved, 501(c)(3) Charitable, Non-Profit,
Animal-Welfare Organization that is dedicated to Saving The Lives
of Akitas and Other Large, Dominant Breed Dogs.

Akita Angels is funded entirely through voluntary donations.

We thank you for your support. For more information on how you can help, visit the "Donate" link at the top of the page.

Together, we are making a difference.