Akita Angels helps Akitas and their families, and other large, dominant breed dogs in need. We are based in Southern California, but have successfully helped hundreds of families and Akita Rescues throughout the United States. We provide 100% no-cost support to families and Akitas in need.

That cute little fluffy puppy is now a 115 lb. stubborn dog. What do you really know about Akitas?  Is an Akita right for you and your family?


Is your Akita in trouble? Is he or she currently in quarantine, is being held by a public animal control, or has been declared "dangerous" or "vicious"?

If your Akita is having (or creating issues), do not give up or turn your dog into a rescue or take your dog to a shelter. We can help.


When all else fails, do not fail your dog by abandoning him in a shelter - he deserves better. We can help you re-home your Akita into a safe, loving, forever home.

Akita Angels